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Independence from climatic conditions

equipment mobiles

Refrigeration System

The Cerealtec grain refrigeration system is a mobile refrigerated equipment that captures the outside air and converts it into cold air at controlled temperatures and humidity.


The equipment regulation is completely automatic and is provided by a computadorized system that records outside weather variables and regulates the air based on stablished humidity and temperature parameters.



The equipment allows the temperature to decrease rapidly and steadily, regardless of weather conditions, inhibiting the proliferation of fungi, mycotoxins, aflatoxins and insects.

With this novel technology, it is possible to dispense the use of insecticides, reduce loss of dry mass and sustain the germination of seeds. It is an essential tool for optimal preservation of all kinds of stored grains, corn, wheat, sunflower, barley, soybean, sorghun, rice, fodder and peanut; either in silos or warehouses.

Equipment Benefits



Treatment capacity of 12,000 Tons

Average cooling efficiency of 600 to 700 Tons. / Day Temp. Initial 35 ° C Temp. Final 12/14 º C.

Equilibrated Humidity corresponds to the cereal to be treated.

Works in very unfavorable external conditions (35 ° C / 99% relative humidity).


Bulk grain warehouses

The cereals can be stored in warehouses with flat floor and Max of 10 meters high.

The equipment is placed on a lateral and it replaces the conventional aeration through a pipeline that distributes the conditioned air through the multiple aeration entries of previously existing fans.



Treatment of grains / seeds in bags.

Safe storage temperature and humidity range.

It is desirable that the warehouses have good insulation.


Models 5,5-12 A 15-25 A 18,5-40 30-40 30-50 30-50 36-50
Cooling capacity with
condensation T° +30 Kw
40 70 120 125 142,2 140 138,6
Airflow ventilation system
200mm. H2O m2/h
7.500 17.000 21.500 34.000 34.000 34.000 43.000
Compressor Bitzer Bitzer Bitzer Bitzer Bitzer Bitzer Bitzer
nominal power Kw
8,5 16 29 27,1 34,5 28,5 58,4
Nominal absorbed power
of the ventilation system Kw
5,5 15 18,5 2 x 15 2 x 15 2 x 15 2 x 18,5
Nominal absorbed power
of the condensation system Kw
2 x 1,9 2 x 1,9 4 x 1,9 4 x 1,9 4 x 2,5 4 x 2,5 4 x 2,5
Total absorbed power of the system Kw 17,8 35 55 64,7 72 66 73

Conditioning treatment advantages

  • Treats the stored product in reduced and predictable times.

  • Preserves the product quality for long periods of time.

  • Reduces weight losses due to grain respiration.

  • Prevents loss of strenght and germinative power of seeds.

  • Eliminates the need to use insecticides or disinfectants to treat stored grain.

  • Reduces the production of undesirable contaminants such as mycotoxins.

  • Reduces grains breaks since it is not necessary to transfer from a silo to another silo.

  • Allows achievement to a differentiated quality standard of the final product for most demanding markets.

  • Avoids the dependence on climatic factors as the equipment works even under adverse conditions (rain, high humidity, high temperature).

  • Homogenizes items with different relative humidities.

  • Eliminates the risk of over drying as it is capable of reducing more tan two points of humidity during the cooling process.

  • Allows higher humidity content in grains without risks.

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