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Commitment and excellence

We are an Argentine company created for the purpose of developing and commercializing new technologies for grains and seeds preservation. Initially we have introduced to the market a range of equipments capable of preserving the quality of grains through cool treatment and controlled humidity.

After a successful objective implementation and a wide market acceptance, entering also Paraguay and Brazil markets, we added to our activities, the provision of biomass equipments, through exclusive representation of the Italian company COMIGE.

It is our objective to improve the final quality and economy of the processes, through innovative and latest technology projects without deviation from the path that leads us to a sustainable development.

We are a young company, our culture and values are embedded of that characteristic, where we prioritize:

  • The speed of response

  • The commitment to accept and resolve difficulties

  • Teamwork

  • Excellence and good reputation in costumer service


Our proposal includes a specialized technical department that allows us to provide a fast and efficient service of counseling, development and implementation of our objectives.


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